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AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED to Lady Pentland from Winston Churchill

["...both Clemmie and the baby are getting on exceptionally well."]

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Date: 1909
Published: [London]
Size (Details): 1 sheet (7 1/4 x 4 3/4 inches)

Category: Signed
From: Churchill at Chartwell
Item Number: 18398

Description: A personal note, all in Churchill's hand, on embossed Board of Trade notepaper, dated July 15, 1909, just four days after the birth of the Churchills' first child, Diana:

Dear Lady Pentland –
Thank you so much for your kind letter. I will give your message to Clemmie. Both she and the baby are getting on exceptionally well.
I am very sorry I cannot dine with you on the 27th as I have promised to go to an ‘Arbitration dinner.'
Yours very sincerely,
Winston S. Churchill

Churchill's tenure at the Board of Trade, after his appointment by Prime Minister Asquith in April 1908, was one of the most progressive in British history. It also encompassed his wedding to Clementine Hozier in September 1908. Working in partnership with his new friend and inspiration, the Chancellor of the Exchequer David Lloyd George, Churchill implemented an unprecedented program of radical reforms on behalf of the unemployed, the disenfranchised, and the needy. He also was attacked publicly at this time by radical suffragettes, whose methods he disapproved of far more than he did their cause.

The note, on a single folded leaf (7 1/2 x 4 3/4 inches), is in extraordinarily fresh condition.

LADY MARJORIE PENTLAND was a leading hostess of the Liberal Party and an avowed suffragette. The only child of Lord and Lady Aberdeen of Scotland, she married Captain John Sinclair, her father's former Aide-de-Camp, in 1904. Her husband was a popular Liberal Party politician, who served as Parliamentary Secretary to the future Prime Minister Henry Campbell Bannerman for many years. He was created Baron Pentland of Lyth, Caithnessshire in February 1909.

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