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Winston S. Churchill bust

TEN Vintage World War II Candid SNAPSHOT PHOTOGRAPHS of Winston Churchill

Returning from the Atlantic Conference


By: Unknown Photographer
Date: August 16, 1941
Published: [Iceland]
Size (Details): 3 1/4 x 2 1/8 inches each.(Sepia-tone snapshots)

Category: Photographs of Winston Churchill
From: Churchill at Chartwell
Item Number: 202674

Description: Ten vintage snapshot photographs of Winston Churchill, taken in Iceland on August 16, 1941 as Churchill was returning from the Atlantic Conference. From August 9-12, 1941, he had met secretly with President Roosevelt off Newfoundland aboard the USS Augusta and the British battle cruiser HMS Prince of Wales to discuss the war against the Axis powers. The outcome of this so-called "Atlantic Conference" was the Atlantic Charter, which later formed the basis for the United Nations Charter. Iceland was at this time under joint British and American occupation.
Churchill is seen here disembarking from his car in Reykjavik and walking the streets accompanied by FDR's son, Franklin Roosevelt, Jr. (in naval uniform with white cap), as well as Churchill's aide de camp, Commander C.R. "Tommy Thompson (in naval uniform and black cap). Other photographs capture him delivering an address from the balcony of the Althingishus, beside the Regent, and later inspecting British forces and American Marines.
These sepia-toned images are original vintage Velox prints on thin paper, and are all in very good condition.

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