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"Never Surrender" May 1940-December 1940


By: Martin Gilbert
Biblio: (Za302f2) (R230b)
Date: 2011
Published: Hillsdale College Press [Hillsdale, MI]
Size (Details): 8vo (1359 pages)
Binding: Hardcover (with Dust Jacket) [Navy cloth]

Category: The Official Biography
From: Churchill at Chartwell
Item Number: 17870

Description: A reprint edition of the Official Biography, complete with associated "DOCUMENTS" [or "COMPANION"] Volumes.
This is the second DOCUMENTS volume for MAIN Volume VI. Unlike the originals, Hillsdale DOCUMENTS volumes are numbered consecutively as one continuous set of books, rather than as contained sets attached to each MAIN volume in the series. Thus, this DOCUMENTS Volume 15 corresponds to the original COMPANION Volume VI-Part 2.

New, in dust jacket.

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The Official Biography is the ultimate source work about Sir Winston Churchill and the longest biography ever published (the actual Guinness record holder). Begun by Churchill's son Randolph (who authored Volumes I and II), the 8-volume set was completed (Volumes III-VIII) by Sir Martin Gilbert, whose great achievement it remains. The 8 Main text volumes are supplemented by 18 Companion volumes (to date) that reproduce in their entirety most of the letters and documents referred to in the Main volumes. These Main volumes consist of Volume I: Youth (1874-1900), Volume II: Young Statesman (1901-1914), Volume III: The Challenge Of War (1914-1916), Volume IV: The Stricken World (1917-1922), Volume V: The Prophet Of Truth (1922-1939), Volume VI: Finest Hour (1939-1941), Volume VII: Road To Victory (1941-1945) and Volume VIII: Never Despair (1945-1965). The Companion volumes are comprised of: Volume I (2 parts); Volume II (3 parts); Volume III (2 parts); Volume IV (3 parts); Volume V (3 parts); and Volume VI (5 parts, with more still to come. The last two are the work of Hillsdale College Press, and are numbered somewhat differently). A total of five further Companion volumes are still planned. Sir Martin Gilbert passed away in 2015.










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