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[First Colonial Library Hardcover Edition]

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By: Winston [W. Spencer] Churchill
Edition: First Colonial Library Edition [1 of 1,075 copies]
Biblio: (Cohen A1.2.a) (Woods A1ab)
Date: 1898
Published: Longmans Green & Co. [London]
Size (Details): 8vo (337 pages, with frontis portrait and 6 maps, including 2 fold-out in color)
Binding: Hardcover [Blackish-blue on Greenish-grey cloth]

Category: First Editions by Winston Churchill
From: Churchill at Chartwell
Item Number: 206352



Churchill's first book: true-life military adventures drawn from newspaper despatches filed by the 22-year-old correspondent while serving on India's Afghanistan-bordering Northwest Frontier under Major-General Sir Bindon Blood. Wrenching to read how little has changed in this region since Churchill's time. The First Edition is easily distinguished by its apple-green cloth binding but MALAKAND is prized by collectors in almost any edition.

Description: This is an astonishingly fresh, virtually mint, copy of the rare First Colonial Library hardcover edition, "intended for circulation only in India and the British colonies." The front cover is a bibligraphically undocumented variant, with Churchill's name rendered without the initial L., present on all other First Edition covers as: "W. L. Spencer Churchill."The L was subsequently dropped for Second Edition covers. The title page, however, conforms to the First Edition.

Harsher climate conditions in the colonies generally resulted in low survival rates for these volumes. Thus, the freshness of this example is striking. The spine is unfaded, as brilliantly colored as the front and rear covers; the gilt titles are bright. The binding is crisp, tight and square, with sharp corners. The contents are fine, virtually unfoxed.

An exceptional copy.

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Bibliographic numbers (in parentheses) are from Frederick Woods' original Churchill bibliography (Woods), as emended by Richard Langworth in his Connoisseur's Guide; and from the new, greatly expanded Churchill bibliography by Ronald Cohen (Cohen).










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