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Winston S. Churchill bust

TYPED LETTER SIGNED by Winston Churchill to Max Beaverbrook

Framed With Two Vintage Lithographed Caricatures by David "Low"


Date: 1937
Size (Details): (9 3/4 x 7 3/4 inches)

Category: Signed
From: Churchill at Chartwell
Item Number: 204936

Description: A fascinating letter written by Winston Churchill on Chartwell letterhead, dated 16th July, 1937, to his close friend (and frequent antagonist), the newspaper baron Max Beaverbrook, soliciting "Max"'s research assistance on Churchill's essay profiling Lord Curzon for his forthcoming book, GREAT CONTEMPORARIES.

"My dear Max," [all in ink, in Churchill's hand]

"I send you herewith the passage in Curzon about which you have so kindly helped me. I will send you the whole article as soon as I get another proof back. What you tell me makes everything quite clear and orderly."

Churchill goes on to ask Beaverbrook a few further questions of clarification regarding the course of events that led to Curzon being passed over as Prime Minister in favor of Stanley Baldwin in 1923. "Would it be agreeable to you for me to say that I have these details about [former Prime Minister] Bonar Law from you, his closest friend and confidant at every stage, or words to that effect?" adds Churchill, before signing off, in ink, with just his initial: "Once more many thanks, Yours always, W."

Churchill's original essay about Curzon had been published in Nash's magazine in January 1929 under the title "George Curzon." His correspondence here with Beaverbrook in advance of the publication of GREAT CONTEMPORARIES, suggests how much additional research went into improving many of these essays before their final appearance in the book. In the Official Biography Companion Volume V, Part 3 (Page 725), Sir Martin Gilbert reproduced this letter in its entirety as part of his discussion about Churchill's preparation of GREAT CONTEMPORARIES (in MAIN Volume V, page 865). The letter is in very good condition. It is here matted and handsomely framed with two original vintage lithograph caricatures of Churchill and Beaverbrook drawn by the great David "Low" as part of a portfolio of 20 Low caricatures of British literary and political luminaries published by The New Statesman on 1 May 1926.

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