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(Cohen A10) (Woods A6)
The holy grail of Churchill book collecting, a 102-page softcover collection of six empahtic Parliamentary speeches delivered by the then-29-year-old MP opposing plans for expanding England's peacetime army. Published by Arthur L. Humphreys, General Manager of Hatchard’s, the venerable London bookshop that still very much exists at number 187 Piccadilly. Hatchard’s, in 1903, already had a long history as a publisher of pamphlets - political and otherwise. Three years hence, Humphries and Hatchard's would issue Churchill’s next speech compendium, FOR FREE TRADE in an Identical format to MR. BRODRICK, bound in unprepossing red printed wraps that did not age gracefully. The surviving handful of BRODRICK copies (as few as 20 accounted for) today constitute the stuff of collectors' dreams.
A Connoisseur's Guide to the Books of Sir Winston Churchill

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A Connoisseur's Guide to the Books of Sir Winston Churchill

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[First American Edition] (Facsimile Reprint) MR. BRODRICK'S ARMY (1977)
[First American Edition] (Facsimile Reprint)

By: Winston S. Churchill
Edition: First American Edition ("Collector's Binding")
Biblio: (Cohen 10.3.a) (Woods A6c)
Binding: Hardcover
Item Number: 14238








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